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Coronado Internal Medicine is a primary care internal medicine practice dedicated to caring for the whole patient, and not just his or her disease.  We believe medical care is a dialogue between the physician and the patient, and we book 30-45 minute visits so patients have time to share their thoughts and concerns.  Preventative medicine is the cornerstone of our model, yet we also manage both routine and complex chronic medical conditions.

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COVID 19 Update 2-26-21

Nationwide, and here in Arizona, the number of new Covid19 cases and deaths has been declining. While still at high numbers, Arizona is now back to where we were in mid-November, with the seven-day average of cases 1,530 and …

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2-19-21 Covid19 update

Now that more people are being immunized, I am getting more questions about what activities may be ok to do again. Patients are wondering if going to the gym or eating out can now be done without risk of infection. …

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Covid19 update Feb 5, 2021

The number of confirmed COVID-19 cases continues to fall here in Arizona. A few weeks ago, Arizona led the nation in the per capita rate of infection. Currently, we are now fourth in the nation with our seven-day average …

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