Coronado Internal Medicine offers a completely new way to look at healthcare for most Americans.  What we offer is a service called Concierge Medicine, which is sometimes called Direct Care, but is slightly different in that all costs are inclusive.  This revolutionary approach to health care really is combining old fashion values with modern medical care.  Generations ago a very personal relationship between doctors and patients was normal.  Today, patients typically do not have direct access to their primary care physicians, nor do they have immediate access to resources to help answer questions.

Coronado Internal Medicine is here to provide the alternative.  By using this subscription based model of healthcare allows you to work directly with us and provide complete access to your primary care physician.  It is a very individualized approach to healthcare that is an incredible supplement to traditional insurance based models seen today.

Our primary approach is to get to know you as the patient and learn about how we can help you specifically.  The cornerstone of our initial process is to do a complete in-depth assessment of your health that also includes potential health hazards down the road based on family history and other indicators.  We then build a complete health plan between you and your doctor.  We then include all of your standard health and wellness checkups in addition to basic health necessities going forward.

And now you are in a community of individuals that have unparalleled access to their doctor and receive the absolute best level in care on a personal level.

To learn more, please give us a call at (520) 885-2072 or you can click here to contact us today.