Concierge Medicine, also called Concierge Health Care or even Retainer Medicine, is a revolutionary way many Americans are experiencing healthcare that has deeply traditional values of high quality and care.  At it’s core, we’re breaking down the barriers between doctors and patients by establishing a direct relationship that is outside of the insurance company.  Patients are then paying an annual fee, or retainer, directly to the primary care physician’s organization, which in turn translates to direct access to your primary care physician, individual care and a much more satisfying experience between you and your doctor.

A century ago, it was common for doctors and patients to have a very personalized relationship where patients could call upon their doctor and count on an individual experience with their healthcare.  As insurance companies become more and more involved in the daily lives of both doctors and patients, this relationship began to evaporate.

Recently, many physicians have begun rejecting this trend that by definition creates distance between them and their patients.  And in turn they have begun creating healthcare communities that thrive on that classic old world value of high patient care and individual attention, but with a modern medical approach.

Coronado Internal Medicine offers a completely new way to look at healthcare for most Americans.  Sometimes called Direct Care, we offer a service called Concierge Medicine, which is a revolutionary new way to approach healthcare that puts the individual into the drivers seat of their own healthcare.  This fee-for-service based model allows you direct access to your physician, including direct calling access.

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