New Shingles Shots

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There is a newer Shingles shot called Shingrix. This shot is a replacement for the older shingles shot (Zostavax). The new immunization has two large advantages over the older one: First, it has over 90% effectiveness in preventing a shingles outbreak (as compared to 50% for the Zostavax); Secondly, it is not a live virus so it can be given to more people then the older shot. It is a two shot series, with the second shot being given ideally 2-6 months after the first one. Even if you received the Zostavax vaccine, it is recommended that you get the Shingrix as well. Shingrix is in short supply currently, yet we are getting limited amounts of vaccine each month. Call the office and go on our waiting list if you have not already received your vaccine (you must be a patient to be on our waiting list). (Also see the Vaccine Information Sheet from the CDC below)

New Shingles shot info sheet (VIS)